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Playing with knives and fire

Mostly medieval cookery and other musings

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Lady Flora de la Vega
8 December
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About me: I am a Marylander recently returned from living in India (public entries are at my DreamWidth blog). I am also a graduate student in Information Management at the University of Maryland, College Park. I work full-time currently doing software requirements analysis, but my background also includes information technology, project management, and manufacturing engineering. In the Current Middle Ages (aka the SCA), I hail from northern Atlantia. I mostly live in the kitchen at SCA events, but I also love bardic arts and beadwork. At home, I relax in our almost-200-year-old house and play with my pet lizard and other animals. And occasionally, every so often, I sleep.

This journal originally had two intentions. First, to keep friends posted on major events in my life (anything that's really worth writing about). Second, to document and help give me motivation on various SCA projects. Most of my original projects focused on medieval cookery, hence the "knives and fire" name.

Social capital

  • less than 10